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Americathon, Part 1

September 26, 2008 By: admin Category: Americathon, Campaign 2008, Faith, Family, Happiness, News, Politics


For years I’ve felt it coming. I don’t know anything about the economy, and only a little about how everything is tied to everything and that that is one of the reasons we’re in this financial crisis, cuz the assholes who are supposed to know about it all turned a blind eye for some reason. Was it only greed? That seems too simple even for money-grubbing, self-loathing conservatives. And while we’re on the subject of conservatives…  somebody please introduce me to a real one. Someone show me a conservative who could tell me to my face that my loving Molly impedes their life.

I’ve actually done an informal study myself. I’m the perfect litmus test: white, pretty, educated, charismatic. I make one hell of a first impression and when, really, almost anyone meets me, they like me. So, a few times, I took this power out for a spin when meeting a conservative. I let the initial niceties happen, but then quickly let slip “my girlfriend,” or “gay,” etc. I wanted them to know upfront who they were talking to. The news came naturally enough in the course of the conversation that The Conservative felt I was “opening up” to them. This was all part of the plan, and, without exception, none of them said anything mean to me, ever. They also never brought up their own “views.” Sometimes, when I had occasion to meet with them more than once, the encounters were friendly and energetic. Not fake, just fun.

Wanna know why? Cuz so much middle class homophobia in this country is a smoke screen. It’s the result of mob-behavior, a “safety in numbers” knee-jerk. People don’t actually give a shit who’s fucking who, I think they give a shit that they, themselves, aren’t experiencing the same feelings of freedom in their relationships that it seems like homosexuals are in ours. That’s a false view, of course — all relationships are the same, regardless of sexual orientation, they’re HARD.

Anyway, I truly think that most conservatives suffer from cultural stagnation. They were brought up with the notion that there’s a set of rules that you live by and that’s that. But look at science, technology, hell–look at tall asians! Rules are being broken all the time in every sector! As humans we have to adapt. All the time. And this is what I think is tripping up most middle class conservatives (I’m talking about the ones that vote)–they haven’t been trained/raised to think outside the box. Maybe it’s the God thing… Maybe they were threatened that if they deviated from the rules they’d be smote. Smited. Smitten..??? Anyway…

When I was at the Republican National Convention, the overall feeling was one of grime, ickiness. I felt filthy inside as well as out, and scared for my life because I was trapped in a small building with a SHITLOAD of people who were lying to themselves. And, like a cornered animal, these folks were desperate. They were holding for dear life onto their precious rules even in the face of overwhelming evidence that doing so was screwing their party. Nobody likes John McCain. Not really. And nobody likes Sarah Palin. Not really. They can’t excited about such lacklustre candidates, but the deal is that they have to say they are because those are the rules.

There’s a lot of beauty in the “conservative” ideal… Conservatives are more about family than liberals, more about service than liberals, and more about loyalty than liberals. Look at the Republican party–they fucking stick together (or, well, until about a year ago they did). I wish more liberals felt more of a sense of responsibility to their children, to their marriages, to the country. I don’t ever want to go to war, and I hate regulation, but I would feel proud to serve in the military if our entire culture was about that. Sadly for conservatives, so many of their kids go into the military because, as a group, conservatives don’t believe in education and have too much of a fierce loyalty first to the country and then to their kids. I guess this is the ironic part of my rant: as a mother I would be okay leaving my kids and going to war myself, but it would be over my dead body that they should go to war.

What’s happening in the financial crisis today is like letting the water out of a pool that hasn’t been drained for  a year–there’s a lot of muck down there at the bottom and now everyone can see it.

I know about as much about Jefferson as I do about the economy, but I do know that he advocated for government changing every 19 years. It’s high time, isn’t it? The rules need re-writing.

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